These eyes of mine have seen a lot
Have toiled & ached, wrestled and fought
These eyes of mine have known of love
And sacrifice offered like turtle doves
Those eyes of yours are meant to see
Every possibility 
So see the truth beyond the lies
See the Heavens o'er yonder rise


There is little more frustrating to the modern woman than a person who believes we are not equal to men. In the workplace and at home, women everywhere want our due recognition for our efforts and validation for our many contributions. If I could place a monetary value on my role as a stay at home[maker]/educator, I could surely contend with Oprah Winfrey. #paymetoo 

Since, the Women's Lib Movement and Roe v Wade of the '60's and '70's, women have been charging forward for equal rights. Some things have been good as more women are recognized for their intellectual prowess than Gucci Pumps. We have embraced our ability to effect change on a global level. Even us sisters are holding our own and killing it in the marketplace and boardrooms. We came, we saw, we're conquering. 

Though, I have to wonder with all of our impact, what has happened to that lowly, near forgotten and monetarily unprofitable place we call ... home? What has come of our legacy and to whom do we pass our victories? From one momtreprenuer to the next, I must ask, has our focus shifted our families out of vision?

I remember my mother getting ready for work and watching her with awe. She carefully applied her make-up, styled her hair, put on her power suit or dress, smiled at me, wished me well at school then went off to command her day. I was proud of her for being so strong, smart and courageous as she made advances in her career. She was and is an amazing woman who I will always treasure.

Mom and I on Staycation

But, there were these times, not often because of her weary soles, she'd sit us down and read a story. I remember her voice inflections and facial expressions as she'd share stories of love, courage, and sacrifice. To this day, I still remember the first five book names of the Torah because she taught me.

Women are amazing and the impact we have in the world is nothing short of powerful. My concern, however, is where that power gains it's source? Being a visionary means seeing what has not yet been. It also means working to see the vision come to pass. But when we look back after the vision has been cast, what is being produced?

Many of us ended up totally unprepared for life. Our daughter's are facing the same crisis as the world goes from bad to worse. Sexual deviance has taken the place of chastity and abstinence. Foul language has taken the place of wise conversation. Beyonce, Rihanna, Nicki Minage and artists like them have educated our daughters on womanhood and the problem we have is that our mothers like it, too.

Where are the vizionaries who see God's standard for purity? Can we complain if we are complicit in the degradation of society? Mother, can see you Zion? Can you imagine your role as more important than any deal you can close, any struggle you may have, any American Idol you may worship? Our vizion has to be bigger than us because the stakes are high. We must take corrective measures to shift the culture back to the place of order. The impact we have in our homes will be the driving force of where the world will travel. It takes being uncomfortable, relearning and accepting truth and taking a bold stance to look beyond our wants and modern ideologies, so we can clearly see our purpose.

Envizion Zion, the Mountain of God who will give you eyes to see Him in your home.


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