Make you Over

Make You Over


My son's birthday was today so we decided to play a game of musical chairs. My older daughter was pretty excited and my toddler was fine, too, until ... the music stopped and she was out of the game. She threw her chin in the air and refused to play again on the next go round. The birthday boy also lost but in good sport reluctantly tried his hand again. Afterward, they both folded their arms and complained, "it's not fair!"

We live in a society that is so bent on coddling our 'feelings', it's hard for people to face the uncomfortable truth about others but even more so, about ourselves. We like to imagine that our every attitude, thought, ideology or belief is correct and dare anyone tell us different, we begin to sulk or defend ourselves to the tooth and nail.

Now don't get me wrong, we face injustices everyday in this life and there are definite disproportionate injustices whether your black, hispanic, male or female. Some might beg to disagree and that's another discussion for another time. However, I'm speaking more to my sisters about how we handle the "unfair" circumstances in our lives.

As a former model, I spent many years living on the surface. After many ugly duckling years, I relished in my new beautiful swan life. I had standards for the type of guy I would date and that did not include anyone shorter than me. My best friend (who is shorter than me) was always there for me and when I was facing my roughest or most wayward times, he'd lift me up in prayer. Eventually, God answered and I got saved. He then answered his second prayer and we got married.

Here comes the bride ...

I thought marriage was gonna be easy. I'm marrying my best friend! But no, God uses circumstances and people in our life to show us the ugly truth about ourselves. I didn't want to see my selfish, shallow ways. I didn't want to go through years of hardship, financial woes, disappointments, NOT HAVING MY WAY. But I have and faced much more. God had to get to the depth of me, uncover the spoiled fruit, dig up the bitter roots and expose my nerves to the open Son that I might see the Light of day.

The world does us a disservice to convince us that life will be a fairytale when God knows His daughters need Royal Training. Our garments are to be spot and wrinkle free as the Bride, yet if we let our bitter attitudes about tough circumstances overcome us then we will never see the other side of death. Life.

We will never see God change us from Shallow Shemika to Virtuous Veronica (okay I just wanted matching letters for the names☺) if we're not willing to yield to the Potter's Hand. He wants to build within us character, integrity, strength, peace, patience and power. But we have to understand that at the end of the day, it's just really not about us. When you embrace the reality that all your life circumstances are really not about you, a quiet freedom soars within and gives you strength to propel into purpose.

And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God and are THE CALLED according to His purpose. Romans 8:28.

For years I read that verse like it was talking about me but the end clearly states: HIS purpose. God has a purpose in your pressure, pain, hurt, misunderstandings, abuses, wants, tears, sufferings, and betrayals. He is wanting to make you over. Tearing away the idols of self and replacing them with Spirit, His Holy Spirit.

You are His daughter when you turn over your 'right to be right', when you cease from your defense and allow Him to battle for you. It makes no earthly sense, worldly sense or religious sense either, this is called FAITH. This is about trust and truth being established in your heart, overcoming every obstacle Satan has ever put in your way.

God is concerned about you more than you could possibly know but He wants you, His daughter to worship Him, in Spirit and in Truth.


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